Choosing the Right Decor

Do you have a new home? Do you think it’s time to give the old one a fresh look?

In both cases, you will be thinking of decorating. You have a chance to beautify your home and express your creativity in one fell swoop. There is a problem, though. You might not be entirely sure how to go about doing it.

A wide open decorating sandbox can lead to option paralysis. The term refers to a situation where you have all the choices in the world, and you can’t decide what you want. It leads to you doing nothing.

Well, here are some ideas on how to pick the right décor for your home. You can also use these to kick start the process of figuring out what kind of style you want to achieve.

Start with what you don’t like. Removing your dislikes an important step in decorating or designing anything, from your home page to a video game. If you don’t like something, it shouldn’t be there.

Getting rid of the things you don’t want also narrows down the options. Instead of thousands of choices, you could narrow it down to just hundreds. Yes, the number still sounds huge, but it’s easier to grasp once you’ve already started.

Look at what’s already in the home. Take in things like the colours, the paint, or even blinds Perth. These are great cues for where to start – or how drastically you want to alter things.

Coordinating the colours of a home to match the paint job on the walls or built-in features is a good start. If everything flows together smoothly, you can avoid jarring or poor choices in décor.

Pinterest is great but grab some magazines. Tear out the pictures of décor or motifs you like and stick them to parts of the home. This gives you a visceral way to see whether or not these things would look “right” in the space.

The key to this is to make sure you go with a gut feeling. Don’t overthink it or dwell on it too much. The initial reaction is critical. If you like it, note it down. If you don’t, move on.

Check the rooms. Is there a motif, theme, or even a culture you’d like to use it? Maybe you want to evoke the feeling of a Tuscan landscape in the bedroom. You might be interested in a minimalist Japanese feel for the garden.

If you have a theme or concept, you want to apply to a particular part of a home, that also makes choosing décor easier. The idea reduces your options but also gives you a clearer direction.