Bad Remodeling Choices for Your Home

Remodeling a home can be a good way to add value to the property. Yes, the investment now can be huge, but it pays off if you choose to sell. It might even pay for itself in intangible value, as you come to enjoy the changes and the improved living space it brings.

Sometimes, this is not the case. Sometimes, a renovation is probably going to end up costing you money on top of what you shelled out for the work itself.

Here are those renovation mistakes you do not want to make.

The first and most egregious mistake is doing it yourself. You might have some skill, but you’re only one pair of eyes, one pair of hands, and one head. You cannot account for everything, nor do everything yourself. A big project can take so long that the overall cost becomes staggering.

Do yourself a favor: don’t go with popcorn ceilings. These are good for acoustics, but there are better ways to accomplish that.

Do not mount your very nice TV too high. You can create some very awkward viewing angles for your neck. Besides, it’s a TV, not artwork.

Bad mirror effects are also up there. An excellent mirror effect is one that reminds you of polish and shine, not looking at dirty water that’s been frozen. Consider this test: if you will not be happy about it when you’re sober after a wild New Year’s Party, skip it.

Don’t overdo the floral. Some flower prints are nice. Too much is just gaudy.

Do not do fake bricks. There are better ways to add texture to the visual touches of a room.

Finally, the biggest renovation mistake is not renovating something that needs it. Maybe you have a bathroom with too little space. The bedroom might not be very comfortable. The den could feel wrong in some intangible, indefinable manner.

Leaving these alone could end up making your home a place you dread coming to and damage any future resale value. Yes, you can get the remodel wrong, but to leave things alone entirely could be worse.