Should I get a New Carpet With my Renovation?

A renovation is always an exciting moment for everybody in the house. For the parents, it can be a chance to get a new house without even moving. For the kids, new adventures!

Bar the cost, getting a renovation is one activity that we should always look forward. But one question that continually puzzles a lot of people include “Should I get a New Carpet With My Renovation?”


Before I answer that question, I would like to clear things out. Nobody should be renovating without a proper plan and enough funding. Don’t renovate (unless it is absolutely necessary) if you can’t finance it through and through. I’ve seen a number of half-finished renovations all because the owners realized halfway that they can’t keep up with the finances.

Next, aside from having money to do the renovation, you should also have enough money for anything extra. Oh, this is the part where people really make terrible mistakes. Sure, you have the right budget for the renovation but do you have funds for whatever comes next? Don’t be a fool. Keep a few bucks for the afterparty.

So let’s go back to the question. Should you get a new carpet with your renovation? Well, it depends. First thing to consider is, what did you renovate? I don’t see a need for a new carpet if you renovated your backyard. Next, does the old carpet not fit in anymore? There are times when the old carpet looks so out of place after a renovation that you might need to replace it. Also, if your carpet gets damaged during a renovation then you might want to replace it. Of course you can always get a carpet cleaning perth to try and repair it but most of the time replacing it is the wisest choice.