How to Repair a Damaged Gutter

Is your gutter damaged? You should repair it. The water damage, the smell, the mould – all of these are problems that can crop up if you don’t get that gutter fixed right away.

The best way to get a gutter fixed is to call a professional, like Set up an appointment, and they will come over to your home and clean things out or do repairs. With minimal effort on your part, you can have the problem solved.


However, maybe you don’t want to hire a professional. That’s okay. Here’s a quick look at how to address the most likely problems.


A typical way for a gutter to be damaged is to have a hole. This lets the water out, usually along your walls or exterior surfaces.


Rust is a usual suspect in this, eating through steel, copper, and aluminium. Punctures caused by falling branches or sharp objects are also possible. In one instance, I saw a nest of birds peck their way through a gutter!


Patching the hole is best done using a tube of roofing cement and a metal repair patch. You’ll want it to be several inches bigger than the hole itself and to match the material. Steel patches for steel gutters, and so on. Otherwise, you’re going to cause more damage.


Another common form of damage are failing joints.


For failing joints, you’ll want to trim the metal patch slightly smaller than the cemented area. Then, press down firmly. While you won’t usually find these in seamless gutters, they’re not impossible. The seams where they connected to corners or downspouts are the most likely problem areas.


Finally, your gutters might just be sagging. The spikes holding them in place might be loosening. To fix that, you’ll need to replace it with something new and won’t pull away as easily.