Old Fence Removal Tips

When you inherited a piece of land or are moving in, you might end up having problems with old fences. No, we are not talking about figurative fences. We are talking about literal and physical old fences.

To the romantic, they represent history, past experiences, and growing up. To the realist homeowner, they are accidents waiting to happen.

That’s why some people just opt to remove such old fences especially when they have little kids. It may be hard considering how many memories you’ve shared with the fence but when it is already warping, rotting, and weather damaged – you just have to say goodbye.

But should you do it yourself? Maybe get somebody to do it?

It really depends if you ask me. If you are physically able, doing it yourself can be loads of fun. It will also mean a good workout. But if you think removing it can present some hazards to you or your family then it is much better to get somebody to do it for you.

If you want to do it DIY-style, here are some tips for you.

  1. Make sure it’s yours. A lot of neighborly cold wars have started because of people getting rid of fences they don’t own. If you can spare a few minutes, talk to your neighbor first about the fence and ask them if it would be fine for them for you to take it down. Sometimes, they might even help you out.
  2. Stay safe! When taking down old fences, you have to remember that it’s not as stable as the regular fence. This means working with it can be a bit “dangerous”. So make sure to use the right safety equipment and to always be wary of exposed nails and screws. Also, some old fences might have asbestos in them so you better call experts such as com.auto do it for you.
  3. Think about whether you have to remove just the fence panels or if you want to include the posts. If your fence posts are still healthy and pose no dangers, you can just re-use it for the new fence. It will save you time and money. However, if the posts show instability then you should get rid of it along with the fence panels.
  4. After removing the old fence panels and the posts, think about whether they are still reusable or not. Oftentimes, a stretch of fence panels are still good to use as decorations or you can re-use them as wall hangings. As for your posts, the good parts can still be used as bases or legs for tables or chairs.